The Loren Tarnow Trio with Mike St. Claire and Derek Tarnow at Daily Grill, Austin TX


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Loren Tarnow grew up singing and dancing to the great standards of the 30's, 40's, and 50's, as well as old rock-and-roll (sometimes whilst wearing socks and a poodle skirt, in the garage, accompanied by reel-to-reels). Romanced by the rhythms and melodies of Porter, Hart, Strayhorn, and Ellington, to name a few, Loren’s appreciation for all music grew along with her palate and instrument arsenal (voice, clarinet, piano, guitar, ukelele, etc.) Loren, with clarinet in tow, attended her first jazz jam at age 16 in San Antonio, Texas and discovered she had so much to learn! Loren holds a Masters of Music Education from Texas State University and has been a member of several rock bands, singing groups, instrumental ensembles, and jazz combos over the years. She teaches elementary music and private voice, clarinet, and piano and fronts her own jazz combo.